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Books by John Whitman

Here are some of the books John has written.  You can learn more about those books and how to purchase them on Amazon here.

Disunion The Mantiz Gambit book cover

Disunion: Book One -The Mantiz Gambit

"It's like 'Game of Thrones' in space!"  When a rogue planet starts to secede from the Union of Earth, Amanda Chester and Matt Ryder work frantically to expose the forces behind the scenes, while battleships engage in devastating combat.


Reader's Favorite 2023 Silver Medal

American Fiction Awards Best Science Fiction 2023

Disunion best seller

Made #3 on the Amazon Kindle Best Seller List!

Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear
Eaten Alive

Enter the Star Wars universe....Zak and Tash Arranda, and their guardian, Uncle Hoole, have landed on the planet D'vouran. Nothing seems out of the ordinary at first. D'vouran is a beautiful planet, rich in natural resources and inhabited by friendly, hospitable creatures. And meeting the famous Rebels Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker in the local cantina is very cool. But something about the planet is not quite right. People seem to be disappearing into thin air. Can Tash find the courage to trust her gut instincts...before it's too late?

Star Wars Galax of Fear
Krav Maga Black Belt training

Krav Maga Black Belt

Learn advanced techniques from the most popular and effective self defense system in the world. This book covers techniques from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Black Belt levels of the Krav Maga Alliance system.

24 Declassified: Cat's Claw

The world's most powerful leaders are gathering in Los Angeles for the G-8 summit, unaware that they have been targeted by two separate terrorist groups, each with its own lethal agenda. Uncovering and disarming one bomb would be difficult enough; eliminating both will be nearly impossible.

On the trail of a rabid Islamic assassin, rogue CTU agent Jack Bauer doesn't know that another conspiracy is brewing around him—a poisonous plot to violently dictate the future of the free world. If Bauer does nothing, in twenty-four hours the entire planet may be plunged into chaos, its primary heads of state ruthlessly destroyed. But if he acts, his daughter Kim will die instead.

24 Declassified Jack Bauer
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